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  • What is Car Collective?
    Car Collective is a private, personal warehouse facility designed to cater to car collectors, motorsports enthusiasts, RV/boat owners, hobbyists and anyone in need of extra space.
  • Do I own my condo unit?
    Yes, you own your condo unit. These are free-simple garage condos, similar to owning a residential condominium.
  • How many condos are there and what are their size?
    There are a total of 11 garage-condo units, with sizes ranging from approximately 800 square feet to 2,215 square feet.
  • What are the condo unit dimensions?
    The condo depths range from approximately 41' to 83', while the widths range from approximately 21' to 45'. The ceiling height is 20' to the metal deck and approximately 17' to the bottom of the roof joist.
  • Are the condos suitable for a motorhome?
    Yes, especially in the deeper condo units.
  • What are the dimensions of the oversized garage door?
    All condos have one or more oversized 12' x 14' garage doors for easier maneuvering.
  • How large are the optional mezzanine areas in each condo unit?
    The mezzanines can increase the usable floorspace by approximately 30-50%. They can be adjusted in height to allow for parking vehicles underneath them, even with car lifts.
  • What standard amenities are included in every condo?
    Every condo includes air conditioning, a bathroom (all bathrooms will be ADA sized), a utility sink, a generous LED lighting package, ample electric service, multiple outlets, an electric garage door, natural light, high-speed internet, a wireless router, a ceiling fan, a pedestrian door with electronic security lock and personal parking in front of each unit.
  • What options and upgrades are offered?
    Custom upgrades are available at an additional cost and include various flooring options, mezzanines (lofts), upgraded ceiling fans, vehicle lifts, coffee bars or other cabinetry, enhanced lighting, video surveillance, expanded security systems and more.
  • Are there any restrictions on the use of my condo?
    Yes, there are restrictions. While you many use your condo as you see fit, activities that create excessive noise, dust hazardous materials or pollutants, pose fire hazards, or negatively impact the reasonable use and enjoyment of other units are not permitted. You will have the opportunity to review and accept the format, detailed Garage Owners Association Rules and Regulations before the purchase process.
  • Can I rent out my condo?
    Yes, you can rent out your unit. Tenants must follow the rules and regulations of the Garage Owners Association and acknowledge them upon lease execution.
  • Can I live in my condo?
    No, you cannot live in your condo.
  • Can I work on my vehicle in my condo unit or use it as a hobby/workshop?
    Yes, you can work on your vehicle and use the condo as a hobby/workshop. You can do almost anything you would ordinarily do in your home garage, as long as it does not interfere with the enjoyment of other condo occupants and does not violate any of the association rules.
  • Can I operate a business from my condo?
    No, operating a business from your condo is not allowed. Work trucks and the transferring of equipment can damage facilities and alter the aesthetic and environment for your fellow inhabitants.
  • Will have the facility have an owner's lounge?
    No, however there will be communal outdoor space for gatherings and events, potentially equipped with a grill and lounge seating.
  • Will the complex have a security system?
    Yes, Car Collective is a private, gated community with strong security features, including high perimeter walls, controlled access, security lighting and video surveillance of the drive aisles and key perimeter areas. Additionally, all individual condos are hard-wired for UL approved security systems and can be further monitored by the individual owner.
  • Can I access my condo 24/7?
    Yes, there are no access restrictions for owners. You can access your condo day or night.
  • Are there other amenities on-site, such as an RV clean-out station?
    Car Collective will have a well-equipped detail bay for owner's use, there is not an RV clean-out station.
  • Are there ongoing costs associated with my condo?
    Yes, there will be a Garage Owner Association (GOA) fee. This fee covers almost everything outside of your condo.
  • What is covered in these fees?
    The fees cover the care of the common spaces, detail bay, landscaping, exterior lighting, water, internet, monitoring, insurance and other operating expenses, as well as reserve funds for future updates and maintenance repairs etc.
  • Who pays for the electricity in my condo and what are the specs?
    Each owner is responsible for their individual electricity usage. Each condo will be individually metered by FPL (Florida Power & Light) and will have a 100 to 125 amp sub-panel, single phase, 120/208V.
  • What are the walls and windows made of?
    All exterior walls are made of reinforced CMU (Concrete Masonry Units - Concrete block), and the windows are made of impact-resistant glass.
  • Are the units built to withstand hurricanes?
    Yes, the complex is constructed and certified to withstand Category 4 hurricane strength winds (up to 150 mph). The condos are built on high land, at 38.2 feet above sea level.
  • Is back-up power available?
    Condos will have the ability to have their own backup power units installed.
  • Do the condos have fire sprinklers and fire alarms?
    Yes, all condos are equipped with fire sprinklers. There are also 1-hour, fire-rated, insulated walls separating the condo unit.
  • Can my condo be financed?
    Yes, the condos are treated like standard condominium units and can be financed.
Image by Boriskin Vladislav

Experience the benefits of ownership at Car Collective in Sarasota, FL, where you have the opportunity to create a personalized space while enjoying the perks of a a well-maintained, private, exclusive facility and vibrant like-mined community.

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